Protection and Restoration

GLRC Issue Area Strategy Teams

The Issue Area Strategy Teams, made up of government and organizational representatives, were the working bodies that produced draft recommended strategic action plans for consideration by members of the Great Lakes Regional Collaboration.

The Strategy Teams listed below were organized around eight of the nine priorities established by the Council of Great Lakes Governors on October 1, 2003. These priorities subsequently were adopted by the Great Lakes Cities Initiative as well. Note: the first of the nine Governor’s priorities addressed water use and diversion issues. This priority issue was being addressed through the Council of Great Lakes Governors' ongoing binational Great Lakes Water Management Initiative, so it was not included in the scope of the Strategy Teams.

Issue Areas

Information about the issues that were covered by each Team, and co-chair contacts, is summarized on Team pages:


Overarching considerations

In addition to the specific issue areas addressed by individual Teams, the overarching issues of human health, research and information, and tribal perspectives were considered by all of the Strategy Teams as they pursued their work. Human health issues are discussed in a number of recommendations made by the Strategy Teams, particularly the Coastal Health Team, the Persistent Toxics Team, and the Areas of Concern/Sediment Team. Tribal interests and perspectives are summarized in the Executive Summary of the GLRC Strategy to Restore and Protect the Great Lakes under the section entitled “Role of Tribal Nations”. Research and monitoring issues are included chiefly in recommendations from the Indicators and Information Team.